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I have a complicated situation.
I live in Finland where I met my fiancée.
I am Finnish and my boyfriend is a asylum seeker and has negative decision.
What I want to ask now is, what is our options?
Can we get married in another country in eu?
If we live in another country, where will he get the residence permit?
Because I don't want to live in Finland is it possible to try to get a work permit or something for him after he has failed asylum but we are married?
Or do we need to get married just in Finland because he was a seeker in that country?

I have heard that when I am an eu citizen, of course I can live anywhere around eu, but he gets a permit in country where I am at the moment? Or just to Finland ?

Sorry it is a complicated message.

I really want a solution for this situation and to get married and have him a permit to stay with me.
asked Nov 18, 2017 in Legal advice by Sanda (120 points)

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