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مرحبا أنا أسمي أحمد غضبان
أريد استفسار عن شي مهم
أنا عندما كنت في طريقي إلى المانيا لقد اوقفوني في هنغاريا وهناك أخذت هويتي سورية مني ولم أتمكن من استرجاعها منهم ما العمل كيف سأستعيدها أرجو مساعدة
شكرا لكم
asked Jul 23, 2017 in Legal advice by Gadban (120 points)
Hello @Gadban - welcome to our community! I closed the other question that you asked since it has the same content as this one. That way, we avoid having two discussions about the same topic at the same time. But I will post your English translation of the question here so that everyone can still participate in the discussion:
"Hi, I'm Ahmed Ghadban.
I want to inquire about the important thing. When I was on my way to Germany I stopped in Hungary and there I took my identity from Syria and could not get it back. I need it. thanks."

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Hi @Gadban,

the German embassy in Budapest published a leaflet about how to proceed if Hungarian authorities kept your ID. You can find it here:

They recommend to get in contact with the Hungarian embassy here in Germany and tell them about your case. The embassy will inquire where your documents are and if they find out, they will be send to them. You have to go to the embassy in person and pick them up.

Here you find contact information of the Hungarian embassy in Berlin:

Botschaft der Republik Ungarn in Berlin
Unter den Linden 74-76
10117 Berlin
phone: +49 (0)30-203 10-0
FAX: +49 (0)30-229 13 14
opening hours: Mo. - Fr. 09.00 - 12.00

I hope this answer was helpful to you. If anything remained unclear, feel free to ask :)

Best regards,
answered Jul 25, 2017 by Thor (37,870 points)
Thanks @Thorgen. I just needed the same here :)
@Laura23 Thank you for the positive feedback :) I'm always happy to help!
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