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I have a question about marriage status is online in Europe?
if u move to another Europe country and how they will know that the person is married already in Europe or not ?
asked May 2, 2017 in Legal advice by Kikia (360 points)

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Hello @Kikia,

there isn't such a thing as a central european population register so far. So every national authority has to investigate whether your family status does comply with the requirements of marriage.  As an example see (German language).
If you want to learn more about national rules on marriage in Europe, see this informations given by the EU:

Best regards
answered May 3, 2017 by Jan (59,820 points)
Thanks for the information @Jan. @Kikia please let us know if you understand German or if you need a translation/summary for the first link.
Hello thanks for the reply . I agree with u that there is not such a thing to check it but the finger data base system can find the person . Is it right?
and can you tell me about finger data base system.
I have one friend he has Italian immigration paper and he also took refugee in Germany . How can it possible ? He has given the finger in Germany for refugee but his Fingers didn't trace with Italian immigration ?
Hello @Kikian , since this is a different topic than the initial question, I would suggest that we talk about the fingerprint database in the new thread that you have started here: This way we can maintain a clear seperation between unrelated questions. Best, Thorgen
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