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I recently made my Gewerbeschein.

I want to establish a small company. How to do that?

Is it possible to open a ltd. company or GmBH? Or UG? It's notice that I have no capital. I am working my own with my computer and earning around 2500 € but I need a company documents anyway.

Please help me.
asked Nov 13, 2016 in Legal advice by Don’t Know

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2 Answers

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If you have a Gewerbeschein you can start immediately to operate at "Einzelunternehmer".

Sure, you can also register a legal entity like a Gmbh (you will need capital), gUG (as little as 1 EUR is sufficient as capital but you will need money for registering it. You can find more info online:

It sounds to me as if you dont need to register an additional legal entity.

answered Nov 14, 2016 by Fabian
Hello Fabian,

Thanks a lot for your informativ discussion. I need a legal entity as I am making app for iOS and I don't want to show there my name but a company name.

Best wishes for you,
Hey, I'd recommend you to found a "UG". You can do that for under 300 EUR and choose a name. Best, Fabian
Herzlichen Dank Lieber Fabian!
Thanks Fabian :)
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Many types of businesses require certification or permits beyond the regular licenses. Compared to license, the permits refer to authorization in order to carry out activity that is connected and directly linked to the company's activities. For example, fire-security permit, in case your company uses any flammable materials or, if your premises will be open to public, such as restaurants, shops and other public buildings. Permission to use parking, if you provide taxi services, permit to start new building or renovation as well as permit from environment protection bodies, if your business may affect the environment, etc.


answered Mar 20 by bextol
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