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I recently made my Gewerbeschein.

I want to establish a small company. How to do that?

Is it possible to open a ltd. company or GmBH? Or UG? It's notice that I have no capital. I am working my own with my computer and earning around 2500 € but I need a company documents anyway.

Please help me.
asked Nov 13, 2016 in Legal advice by MoniLink

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If you have a Gewerbeschein you can start immediately to operate at "Einzelunternehmer".

Sure, you can also register a legal entity like a Gmbh (you will need capital), gUG (as little as 1 EUR is sufficient as capital but you will need money for registering it. You can find more info online:

It sounds to me as if you dont need to register an additional legal entity.

answered Nov 14, 2016 by Fabian
Hello Fabian,

Thanks a lot for your informativ discussion. I need a legal entity as I am making app for iOS and I don't want to show there my name but a company name.

Best wishes for you,
Hey, I'd recommend you to found a "UG". You can do that for under 300 EUR and choose a name. Best, Fabian
Herzlichen Dank Lieber Fabian!
Thanks Fabian :)
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