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Hello, Is there any information if I can work outside the EU in Turkey or Kurdistan, Iraq ? Ps. I have the permit of one year residency ? Thanks, #work#OutsideEU#Turkey
asked Oct 15, 2016 in Work by Rebiwar
Hi @marcel, could you help @rebiwar out perhaps?
Hi @rebiwar. Your question is not quite clear yet to me: you are now in Germany with a residence permit but you want to travel abroad now to work there?
@Marcel Yes, exactly.
Well, generally speaking, you may leave the Country for up to 6 months (you can apply for an extension if you work for instance as a development aid worker).
But if you travel to Turkey and especially Kurdistan, Iraq the German authorities may view this as a sign that you are not in danger there and (if you came from the Country you are returning to) revoke your residence Permit. At least there is a risk.
Further, you may have a "Wohnsitzauflage" in your residency permit. In that case travelling abroad is further complicated.
You should have travel documents to-reenter Germany as well. I suppose you have been given a "blauer Pass" (blue passport)? Further, you will probably Need a visa to travel to these countries
Besides: you are not allowed to work in the EU either, only to stay there for up to 3 months
@Marcel. Thank you very much. It is now mostly clear.. Thank you very much..
Please marcel I need your help!!!

I have 5 years subsidiary from Italy. And I'm an asylum seeker in Germany, and I have been rejected. And if by chance my country passport is with auslanderbehorde, can they still give it back to me if I want to go back to Italy. And how Iong will it take me to come back to Germany again after I receive My permanent permit from Italy? Please reply

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Thank you very much Marcel. Your contribution is always appreciated.
answered Oct 20, 2016 by Paolo
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