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I live in Brandenburg and I resigned from jobcenter some time ago.I'm looking for an apartment for one person in Essen.I've searched through the Internet and I did not find response from renting apartments firms.I send hundreds of emails to companies renting homes.I need someone to help me there.
thank you.
asked Aug 2, 2016 in Home & Living by Medo

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Hello Medo,

contact "Diakoniewerk Essen" ( - Site's language is German).
They have a project called "Living space for refugees" (Wohnraum für Flüchtlinge").

Consultation hours:

Monday 12.30-15.30h
Tuesday 8.30-11.30h
Thursday 12.30-15.30h
Friday 8.30-11.30h

Contact person: Martin Bock (Phone: 0201/81 25 68 12)
Contact form online:

Hope I could help, Jan
answered Aug 2, 2016 by Jan
Thank's a lot my friend :)
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