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ich bin vor acht monat in deutschland angekommen und jetzt ich habe deutsch lernen . meine adresse ist ysenburgstr.24 kaseel
asked May 26, 2016 in Home & Living by fouzi
Hi Fouzi. :) What exactly is this question? I see that you´ve asked some questions about meeting people and applying to school in Germany
I need people to help me in kassel. this is everything  .

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Here are some contacts that I´ve found in Kassel. These are people that organize volunteers in Kassel and can connect you to the right people. I think Vellmar may be the closest to where you are:

Cornelius Thurrey
Telefon. 05572/9373-16

Oliver Ulloth
Telefon: 0176/24282978 und

Wolfhagen (Stadt und Region):
Dekan Dr. Gernot Gerlach
Telefon: 05692/996630

Bad Karlshafen:
Lisa Borchert
Telefon: 05572/9219062

Here is also an organization Flüchtlingehilfe Kassel:

There is information on their website (that will be more specific to Kassel) and you can contact them here:

It looks like they are also organizing a concert/lunch in the area on June 9th! The first post on the website explains that there are inviting some people to a concert on one day, and on the next want to have a music exchange and lunch on the next. The contact for this event is:
answered May 27, 2016 by julia.d
ok thanks julia
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