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A friend of mine just told me about this thing.
His friends talked to him and they told him that 2 weeks ago some friends gave them a number of a person who took 100€ for each person to bring him the court appointment,they said that he brought them the appointments.
The friends of my friend also did it and they paid him and waited for couple days then he showed up with the appointments for them.
Now my friend want to talk to this guy and tell his friends to talk to him because as long as his friends did it and the friends of his friends also he seems a trustable man and he can bring the appointments as he already did to many people.
I think this is so miserable,unacceptable and unbelievable! is this possible?if yes what should i do? And also People are waiting for the appointments from Trier court for too long we're waiting since 24/12 and other people i know are waiting for almost a year!
Thanks anyways.
asked May 24, 2016 in Asylum proceedings by Kenan
Do you mean that he is making the appointments for them/somehow arranging appointments that are much sooner that what is typical? Or does he go with others to their appointment (which they already have arranged)?
I meant that while people are waiting for the post which says that you have an appointment at this date,and this post is the first post which any refugee should receive.
This post seems that it takes alot of time to arrive maybe you have to wait for year and a half maybe less maybe more no one  knows.
So this person come to your house and take your papers and take the 50% of the money and leave after a few days he come back with the appointments post. Did you get it?
sounds like he has found someone to bribe then.

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What you write sounds highly illegal to me.
I do not know how long waiting times are in Trier but 18 months seems to be extremely long, even in the current situation. Appointments should be issued much faster.
Have you ever tried to contact someone to help you with all the paperwork or have you followed up on your paperwork?
I know, that it helps a long way to check back regularly on the progress of your paperwork. At least it does so here in Cologne.

I know that you are desperate to see progress and are sick and tired of waiting but I can not encourage you to pay this person for whatever he does. Participating in an illegal interaction might harm your chances to stay in Germany and taking money in exchange for a faster application process is corruption.
answered May 26, 2016 by Leo
Exactly!! And yes we have sent many Emails and we had no response! So do you think that i should tell about him? I mean for example the police? Because basically when he can bring the appointments from trier and he is working there and trier is taking too much time for no reason and then this guy showed up and he's doing it for everyone in Rheinland pflaz!!
So either i pay for the people in trier to make it go faster or i should wait.
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