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I made a Paypal account and connected it with my Bank account and everything is OK

if i want to buy something with Paypal:

SHOULD I transfer money from my bank account to Paypal account FIRST?


I can buy and the Paypal take money from my bank account automatically?
asked Mar 12, 2016 in Money by SAFi
I checked it as a solution by mistake, sorry
I had a Netflix account and got a month for free, when it is finished they stopped my account, because they didn't get the money automatically.
when i checked on PayPal, I found an option to add money from my Bank account to my PayPal, which mean I should transfer money in advanced.

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answered Mar 13, 2016 by Sonja
it doesn't work automaticly
I often buy things with paypal and i never transfered money from bank to paypal.
did you connect it with a Bank account or Credit card??
bank account
so, i don't know what happened with me, thank you
Just contact the paypal support, i think they could help you
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