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My name is Hamza
I'm from Syria
I arrived Germany in 27/01/2015 and I did interview in 25/02/2015 after that I have received Dublin post in 27/04/2015 because I was in Hungary and Austria then I didn't received any thing and all people who have Dublin posts who arrived Germany after me got refugee so I hope if anyone know what must I do writing his advice
asked Dec 4, 2015 in Asylum proceedings by Mizo (170 points)
Could anyone say something????!!!!

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Hello Mizo, sorry for the late response. Regarding to the asylum proceeding and the refugee status, usually it is all about being patient waiting until the asylum proceedings are finished, including the interview. The complete registration can take (unfortunately) up to 3 months.They have to deal with thousands and thousands of applications and it takes a lot of time, depending on where you come from and how long the asylum case and the 'Ausländerbehörde' take.

In any case, German bureaucracy is very very strict and conscientious. It takes ages to proceed with every paper.

And always, always feel free to ask the people around you

Hope it helps

answered Dec 7, 2015 by Alex (1,520 points)
Unfortunately up to 3 months!!!!!
My interview was from 9 months so if I meet lawyer can he help me???
@jan: as one of our best users here, do you have a good advice for Mizo? Thanks in advance and thank you for your great work ,Conny
: Hi Conny, I'm sorry to say that I have to agree to the advice Alex gave above. But I keep Mizo's problem in my mind in case I come across a possible solution. Greetings, Jan
Danke schön
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Try asking there might be help.
The Refugee Law Clinic is a project conducted by law students from Cologne which supports migrants, in particular refugees and asylum seekers. We offer free legal and non-legal advice and other support, for example we can accompany and give guidance to our clients when attending appointments at the border agency. We collaborate with qualified lawyers and other charities. If we can be of any assistance, do not hesitate to attend our clinic, send us an email at or call us at 0175/7622873.
answered Dec 16, 2015 by Joschi (1,200 points)
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If I understand correctly, Germany wants to send you back to the country you first registered. That is legal under the Dublin III agreement. Countries can send refugees to their first place of entry into the European Union. The agreement has not been enforced for Greece, Italy and I think Romania that means Germany is not sending back refugees to these countries because the living situation is unbearable. Sending you back to Austria might happen but Hungary is unlikely. Right now Germany is dealing with a million refugees, proceedings are slow because of the huge work load the administration has to shoulder. We can only ask for your patience. If you're send back to Austria or Hungary you will have another refugee status determination interview. You didn't get asylum in Germany, right? Hope the lawyers can help you!
answered Dec 17, 2015 by Janette (800 points)
I didn't get asylum yet and Austria rejected me
It is a bit complicated. You are originally from Syria, right? Within the European Union you are only allowed to apply for asylum once. You can be "rejected" in the sense that you are not allowed to proceed with your asylum process in Germany because you started your process in another European country (that is the Dublin III and you will be send back to finish your process where you started it). If your refugee status has been rejected in Austria, meaning that they did not accept your claim to protection and did not give you refugee status, then Austria would send you back to your country of origin. Within the European Union you can only apply for asylum once, if you are rejected by one country you cannot apply in another. If you are send back to Austria and even if Austria has rejected your claim as a refugee, under the current circumstances your case has to be considered again because no country within the European Union sends back refugees to Syria.
In Austria they would send me to Hungary so I escaped to Germany
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Could anyone says something!!!!!
answered Dec 6, 2015 by Mizo (170 points)
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