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I found a WG room , it's nice and the guys are cooperative ..
The question is: can the main tenant or the "hauptmieter" write the contract for me without going back the owner of the flat ??
if yes , does he need to provide additional documents , (maybe his contract or other legal stuff) .
For sure, in order to be accepted by the job center .  

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asked Nov 30, 2015 in Home & Living by Akram.f11 (150 points)

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See this information:
In short: The 'Hauptmieter' can write a contract. Show the information given above to the WG-guys. Good luck!

Regards, Jan
answered Dec 1, 2015 by Jan (59,820 points)
Hi Jan , thank you for answering , I got to many conflicting answers :/
i guess it depends on the job center , it could be different from city to a city
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