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We are trying to locate a 5 year old, last seen in Belgrade around the 9/10S with a broken jaw , bruises.

He appeared in the BBc Panorama program, and when the boy wa taken to the hospital for treatment, the people that were working with him, took him before he could receive treatment. These people for what the translator and the boy said, were no his dad, and his mum is not travelling with him, which it looks ver suspicios.

See video :

The boy is calling for his mum and is in pure agony. The injuries are not very clear how they happened.

We are very worry for this boy here in the UK, and we are trying to find him, to check he's ok and safe.

Can you help to spread awareness and if you see him, please contact me.



#FindAzam #Missingchildren ##Germany ##Austria
asked Oct 7, 2015 in Other Questions by cierzo (110 points)

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Hey Cierzo, How did it go? Did you find him?
answered May 3, 2016 by juanarguello (1,830 points)
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