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Hey there, I saw people smoking in bars, is that allowed? Can we also smoke in restaurant?
asked Oct 1, 2015 in Home & Living by Adile (320 points)

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In general yes, you can smoke in many bars/cafés. They either have separate rooms, or they are smoking places in general.
For restaurants this is not really common. Mostly, you can smoke there, if they have an outside area but not inside.

Hope that makes sense.
answered Oct 3, 2015 by basil (1,000 points)
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Watch out for signs like "Raucherlokal", "Raucherbereich", "Rauchergaststätte"...
answered Oct 4, 2015 by CaBu (750 points)
Normally there is a little symbol für smoking ( a burning cigarette ) and for non-smoking (burning cigarette is crossed). If you don't see a symbol, you may ask. Most people will understand your question in english. In german say : Darf man hier rauchen ?
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