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Where shall I go or who shall I call, in case of an emergency? I live in Berlin and I have a young child and I would like to know who could help in case something happen to him or to my husband.
Thank you.

asked Oct 1, 2015 in Healthcare by Nour (290 points)

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Hello Nour,
-    you could call the emergency, if something life-threatening happens: 112
-    or you go to a hospital, when someone of you is sick and needs medicine
-    another possibility is to call 116 117 if it is not life-threatening, there you can explain which doctor you need in which city and they give you information about the nearest medical on-call service

Hope you won't need them! =)
answered Oct 2, 2015 by jinyus (4,530 points)
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The easiest way is to call 112, but this is really for emergencies only. If your child is ill and there is no doctor around, you can go to any hospital around you, there is an emergency takein (Notaufnahme is the german word).
answered Oct 2, 2015 by Susanne (950 points)
Thank you!
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