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Seeking Asylum in Europe as a Palestinian submitted by MO in Asylum proceedings

Hello Everyone,
Hope this message finds you all well. I'm Palestinian currently living in Saudi Arabia i used to work for 5 years here and previously i was living my life in Egypt for education purposes.My company now in Saudi doesn't want me anymore the system here is you have the residency on the company if the company released you,, you have 1 month to search for a job then they will basically kick you out.

The problem is they gave me now 2 Months to search and if so I must leave although i was doing really good in my work but as per the politics here they must release me.
I was thinking to travel to Austria or Germany to seek asylum there and tell them about my situation and i really don't have any country to return to, hence I'm not allowed to enter Palestine and haven't seen it before.

So would you recommend apply in Austria or Germany? Will they consider my case as a positive one? Or because I'm coming from the non-risk country they would never accept me?

Please help I must leave and I don't know where to go. Also, would you recommend any other country?

Waiting for your positive reply.

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