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I've been rejected by BAMF twice and I have a child with a German woman - what to do next? submitted by Butwhy in Legal advice

Am an Asylum seekers,I got nagative before my second interview then i appeal and BAMF give me the chance of second interview which i go and the result was also nagative. Maywhile before i went to the second interview, i have had a child with a German woman and I have submitted all paperwork to Ausländerbehörde. now Ausländerbehörde change my Ausweis to Duldung now maywhile I'm using Aufthalt G before. am worried because I don't know which step to take now. Pls I need an advise

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Hello @Butwhy - welcome to our community and thank you for your question. May I ask what exactly you need help with? What is the goal you want to achieve? Because right now I can’t fully grasp the situation and I don’t know yet what kind of advice you need. Best regards, Thorgen
Thor (Wefugees)
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