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Marriage in Germany with Asylum seeker (in Prozess) submitted by Freddy in Legal advice

Hey there,

My boyfriend is an Asylum seeker from Libya in Germany. He does not have a passport and is still in the process of getting refuge (He has a Duldung). He is in that process for over 2 years now and it does kit look like he will get refugee. Regardless of that I love him and want to marry him. Do you know if that is somehow possible? for.example with less papers in some European country? I know he is not allowed to travel but hopes aren't high he'll ever be. And since I will be studying outside Germany I would like to have him with me legally married.. Thanks so much for answers and reading


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I know nothing of German law, but maybe some of the answers in this post can help you?
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by Thor (Wefugees)

Hello @Freddy

Welcome to our community and thank you for your question.

@Pieter already linked a useful thread here on the community that gives you an overview of the required documents to get married.

As it's stated there, both of you will have to provide a proof of identity (like a passport). I'm afraid that without any document like that you won't be able to marry. It might be that some registry offices (or registry offices in other countries) accept an expired passport or other types of documents instead. But he would have to get there first, which he isn't allowed at the moment as you said.

I know that this sounds disencouraging to you, but even if your fiancé was allowed to travel, I can't see a way for you to get married without the required documents.

Best regards,