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register our marriage in Europe? submitted by Shah05 in Legal advice

Dear Wefugees and members,
i am as asylum seeker stays in Germany,my case is still in processes,my fiance is and EU stat member,we both are working in Germany,we want to marry and registered our marriage in Deutchland But its quite difficult to do so,how ever we both have almost all documents but still seems not possible,some one suggest me to go Denmark,but i have no permission to go or travel to denmark,please suggest me any solution we both are really worry and unable to find out the way,wating for reply thanks

Hello @Shah05 - Thank you for your question and welcome to our community! May I ask what exactly you are having problems with? Did you go to the registry office (Standesamt)? If so, what did they tell you? And what documents are you still missing? I'm just trying to get a better overview of the situation. Best regards, Thorgen
Thor (Wefugees)
thanks for reply,almost all documents are completed from both of us which standesamt required,1st problem is Auslenderbehorde is not allowing me to change my "Enmeldung" with my fiance which is also very important to have same residence in one place,but i am not allowed to move in other "Krise" secondly i am on asylum status and my case is under process,its also risky to show my passport to Standesamt,we both are so worry how to solve the issue,still living far from each other i go to meet her once or twice in month,please suggest me what to do?thanks
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