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Is it possible to apply for a visa in Germany if you got married to a German in Romania? submitted by pk in Legal advice

hallo sir ,my friend marraied with his GF in romania, he not apply for documents in romania because his wife is working in germany and she can,t stay their because of job and child,s school, she is german,,they both marraied in romania ,and now my friend want to come in germany and apply for documents,he apply for asylum in 2014 in germany and was rejected and he leave germany in 2015,,my question is , possible with passport and marraige certifcate which he get from romania he can apply for visa ,if yes then what he should do i mean what is procedure,Thanks

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Hello Brother,. I would like to suggest you ,don apply for Aufthenhalts titel,Because they Auslander behorder will send your document to Standsamt, where currently ur girlfriend is living,and to get marry in Romania she need to apply and get Ehefehigkeit Zeugnus,which is very difgicult to get after a long process. And often Romanin and Bolgarin people do fraud with foreigner and they give us fake paper,so please first attest ur marrige document from Romania and have Apostale Stump. Then u can go to Auslander behorder and can submit ur papers. I hope my text will help you to understand. O wish u good luck.
Thank you for sharing your personal experience with us :)
Thor (Wefugees)
well thanks to give more information,he already has marraige certificate with Apostale Stump,i am only worried about his last asylum which has in germany in past 2014,
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by Thor (Wefugees)

Hello @pk and welcome to our community.

Your friend is married to a German citizen and therefore has a right to get a residence permit issued by German aliens department (Ausländerbehörde). A passport (or another proof of identity) and the marriage certificate should be sufficient, but they will tell him in detail what documents exactly he needs to provide. The residence permit enables him to travel visa free within EU and to stay/work in other EU countries as well.

Before that he needs to get to Germany. In order to do so he needs to apply for a visa at a German embassy or consulate. Your friend will have to provide a number of documents (passport, certificate of marriage) and generally has to prove that he has at least basic knowledge of the German language (A1 level). The German diplomatic representation will then get in touch with aliens department and ask them for their consent. If they come to the conclusion that there are no reasons to deny him a visa, the embassy or consulate will issue it for your friend.

His previous asylum application is subordinate in this case. The union of close relatives (like spouses) has a high value in German law and overweights the negative result on his case.

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Thanks for reply ,my friend has already A1 ,i hope he will get visa easy ,