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Can I go to school if I'm already 37 years old? submitted by Sharma in Education

My name is Dek Sharma. I am 37 years old. I have 3 months duldung. Is it possible for me to go school? So I can go secondary level school. My Deutsch Sprache is also not good.

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Hello @Sharma - nice to hear from you again. I will link @BildungsberaterIn from LernLaden Neukölln. They do a great job sharing their expertise about education topics here on the Wefugees platform with us and maybe they got a tip for you. Best regards, Thorgen
Thor (Wefugees)
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by BildungsberaterIn (LernLaden Neukölln )

Hello Dek @Sharma,

You cannot go to the regular school at this age, unfortunately.
But if you want to have school certificate, there are other ways called "Zweite Bildungsweg" which means 'Second educational path'. There are preparations courses by educational institutes or Volkshochcschule which you can attend and prepare yourself first for 9th class exam and then other school certificates.
It also depends how long you attended school before.

And if you are a woman, there are also specific projects for women who want to get school certificate at your age. I know some of them in Berlin, if you live in Berlin.

I also saw you had asked about vocational training (Ausbildung) earlier in another post. I will answer there.

If you have more questions about it and you reside in Berlin, you can contact us for an appointment.

LernLaden Neukölln
Karl-Marx-Straße 131
12043 Berlin

Telefon + 49 (0)30 68 05 43 77

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Thank you @BildungsberaterIn once again for the amazing job you are doing here on Wefugees :)
Thor (Wefugees)