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Lawyer required urgently (Bonn/Köln) submitted by Hassy in Legal advice


Cordial greetings

I am looking for a lawyer who can communicate in english situated in bonn or köln are area as the one i had has left me hanging and wont return my call.

Help is required and highly appreciated

Thanks in advance

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Hello @Hassy - nice to hear from you again! Are you looking for a lawyer that is specialized in a certain field? Best regards, Thorgen
Thor (Wefugees)
Hey @thor I am looking for a lawyer for asylum procedures and appeal and immigirational issues . Regards
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by Thor (Wefugees)

Hello @Hassy - thank you for your question.

I used a search engine to find lawyers in Bonn and Köln that are specialized in the fields that you mentioned. In addition I set the language filter to English to make sure that all of them understand your inquiry.

Here are the results for Bonn:

And this is Köln:

I took a look at a few of them. It seems like most of them want you to call them or send them an email first to find out about your problem and to make an appointment. That should be manageable using the contact information that you will find on the right after clicking on their profile.

I hope this answer is helpful to you.

Best regards,

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Dear @Thorgen Thanks alot for the guidance and i will follow the same practice heneforth Regards