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Need lawyer email address submitted by Khan in Legal advice

Respected admin !
I need the contact email address of any lawyer here in the group.I had an asylum interview six month ago and I am heart patient having ICD implementable cardiac defibrillator which is know as a artificial heart.
In my interview I have provided all my medically documents regarding my heart from my home country and also from my cardiologist in Germany.

After six month of my asylum interview I received today a letter from BMAF.they told me that sign the letter which I received today that I give my permission to the BMAF that they can contact my cardiologist and they asked about the nature of my disease.

I have my question that I have now changed my cardiologist and I am under the observation of new cardiologist which is in Munich.

Should I send the attested medical certificate from my new cardiologist ? I am in big stress and afraid of deportation because I need to change the ICD implementable cardiac defibrillator of my heart after three years which cost more then 50 thousand euros.

It will be nice if any lawyer in the group can contact me through my email address And I can show him the letter which I received from the BMAF.
Kind regards.

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by aliii

Hi Khan,

as today is a Holliday in Germany, it probably is hard to find a lawyer today.
But if you upload the letter here, maybe one of us knwos what to do.
please blackmark your personal details! Or take a picture just of the text.

All the best.

Thank you so much for your kind reply I try a lot to upload the screen shoot but I could not Can you please send me your email address to me so I can forward the screen shoots . I am looking forward to hear back at your earlier
Hi @Khan If it’s ok for you I will send you a mail. You can send me the screenshots that way. I will upload them for you so that we can help you to find an answer to your question. Please blackmark all you personal information as @aliii already mentioned. Best wishes, Lea
Dear Aliii thank you so much for your reply could you send me an email to my email address so I can forward the screen shots My email address is Best regards Khan