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Asylum seeker in Holland without a decision wants to marry an EU citizen submitted by Cyndoz in Legal advice

Hi to the community,
You guys are doing an amazing job. My question is this: My friend is non EU seeking asylum in Holland and did not yet get a decision. She wants to marry an EU citizen living in Sweden. What are the possibilities do they have to move together in Sweden? What is required to get married in Holland as an asylum seeker?
Thank you very much.

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by Thor (Wefugees)

Hello @Cyndoz and welcome to our community!

Concerning the marriage in the Netherlands:

It seems to be possible for your friend and her fiancé to get married there. But as this website by the government implies your friend needs to have a residence permit in order to do so:

It’s probably best for her to get in contact with her local municipality to find out if her current status is sufficient or if she needs to wait for the decision on her asylum case.

After the marriage they can live together in Sweden through family reunion. As a spouse of a Swedish citizen you have the right to get a residence permit. Check out this website to get extensive information about the procedure:

It gives you an overview of what to do and what to keep in mind.

Best regards,