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Do I get deported even though I have a child with a German woman that I will marry later on? submitted by Chucks 1 in Legal advice

If an asylum seekers, who's has negative on asylum proceeding but he has a German child with a German woman who he will later marry. Can the person be deported?

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Pls I need an advise.
Chucks 1
Thank you
Chucks 1
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by Thor (Wefugees)

Hello Chucks 1,

Welcome to our community!

In short: You can try to get a so-called "Aufenthaltserlaubnis zur Personensorge" (residence permit for personal custody) in order to avoid deportation.

We had similar questions about that topic here on Wefugees recently. Please check out the information provided in these threads:

Feel free to ask further questions in case anything remained unclear!

Best regards,

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by Chucks 1

Thanks for ur advice but pls I have another question.
Am an asylum seekers but i have a child with a German woman, our child is 10 months now but we haven't got our birth certificate meanwhile we have registered the birth of our child three day after his birth. Pls I need an advice what to do

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Hello Chucks - you registered the birth of your child at Standesamt, right? They are responsible to give you a certificate of birth for your child after the registration. I would advise you to get in contact with them to find out why these documents are still missing.
Thor (Wefugees)