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What can I do to avoid deportation after getting a negative reply? submitted by Hard guy in Asylum proceedings

Hello, my asylum was rejected and I have been working for nine (9) months now, I also appeal and was still rejected. Can someone please help me with some info?

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Hello Hard guy and welcome to our community! Can you please specify what type of information you are looking for exactly? Do you want to know what's going to happen next, or do you have questions about your legal status, or something else? We would really like to help you finding an answer to your questions, but we need a little more information for that. Best regards, Thorgen
Thor (Wefugees)
Hi Thorgen,thanks for your concern. What am saying is this,is there any other way I could do to stop the deportation threat .
Hard guy
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by Thor (Wefugees)

Hello Hard guy,

Thank you for clarifying your inquiry.

What exactly does the letter say that you received from BAMF (or: What is the reason why they denied you refugee status)? What status do you have right now (Do you have a "Duldung" or are you “vollziehbar ausreisepflichtig” etc.)?

Depending on that we can advise you what to do next. Usually you have two weeks time after receiving the letter to file an action against it in court. If you have the financial ressources it's probably a good idea to consult a lawyer specialized on asylum law to handle your case.

Best regards,

Hello Thorgen, Thanks very much much for your replied. I don't have a duldung but am sure is because am working but my contract will end this December ending. That is why am afraid that they may send me another letter to leave. I have also work for more than nine (9)months now going to a year,and also when I received the reject letter I could not see any lawyer at that time,so I decided to appeal by my self ,but I was still rejected.
Hard guy
gegen die Bundesrepublik Deutschland,vertreten durch das Bundesministerium des innermost,dieses vertreten durch den präsidenten des Bundessamtes für migration und flüchtlingen beantrage ich,die klage abzuweisen. Soweit ein Antrag nach........ gestellt ist,beantrage ich,diesen abzulehnen. Die Beklagte bezieht sich zur Begründung auf die angefochtene Entscheidung. Ich erkläre mich mit einer Entscheidung durch den Einzelrichter oder den Berichterstatter und durch Gerichtsbescheid einverstanden. That's what I received from the last letter.
Hard guy
Hello Hard guy. First of all, unfortunately your job doesn’t protect you from deportation if BAMF already decided that you have to be send back to your home country. Having a job might help you to prove that you integrated well and might have positive effects on future decisions on a case of hardness (“Härtefall”) or right of residence. But at the moment, as far as I can see, it is not of importance if you have this job or if the contract ends in December. Or in other words: the ending of your contract will neither trigger your deportation nor postpone it.
Thor (Wefugees)
Unfortunately I’m not a lawyer which is why I don’t really know how to interpret the letter that you got. But it sounds more like a letter that you send, rather than a letter that you received from BAMF. Or am I missing the point here?
Thor (Wefugees)
Still I don’t know what to advise you exactly because I can’t grasp your situation in its entirety. Please try to find out what legal status you have (what documents do you have - what’s their name?). Since your objection has been rejected you probably don’t have an “Aufenthaltsgestattung” anymore, right? Because that document is only valid for the duration of the asylum procedure. So you must either have a “Duldung” (but you said you don’t have it), or an “Abschiebungsandrohung” (announcement of deportation) and “Ausreiseaufforderung” (order to leave the country).
Thor (Wefugees)
Hello Thorgen, thanks very much for your replied. Am still having but the Aufenthaltsgestattung.
Hard guy
Hi - since your asylum procedure is over, your “Aufenthaltsgestattung” is not valid anymore. As I said in my last comment it will either replaced by a “Duldung” (if there is reasons why you can’t get deported) or you will receive a letter (along with the negative reply by BAMF) that asks you to leave the country ‘voluntarily’ (it includes an “Abschiebungsandrohung” (announcement of deportation) and an “Ausreiseaufforderung” (order to leave the country)). Based on your comment, that you don’t have a Duldung, I assume that you must have received said letter. Can you confirm this?
Thor (Wefugees)