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What are the steps to take in order to apply for asylum in Germany? submitted by Mhd lankan in Asylum proceedings

Hi I arrived Dortmund yesterday 13th September with My wife and 2 kids

Pls guide me what's the process I need to follow in order to apply asylum.

I used Spain visa to come here Germany so do I need to consult with Lawyer before I apply? Pls guide

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by Thor (Wefugees)

Hello @Mhd lankan

Welcome to our community!

I've got one question for you in advance: Did you apply for asylum in Spain or did they provide you with a refugee status before you came to Germany? I'm just asking because this is of importance if you want to apply for asylum here.

Let's get back to your initial question: There is an overview of the asylum procedure in Germany provided by BAMF (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees):

Since you just arrived, the following link should be most relevant for you at the moment. It explains the first steps to take as a newcomer in Germany:

If you need help understanding this website, feel free to ask the community. We will try our very best to explain in detail if necessary.

Best regards,

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by Mhd lankan

Dear Thorgen.

Thanks for your quick response, as I said i Used Spain visa for coming from SriLanka but I didn't apply any other country this is my first asylum application.

I assumed based on your answer I don't need to consult any lawyer before pls confirm

Do I need to face Dublin issue? If yes how can I succeed pls guide


Alright, since you did not apply for asylum in another country yet, there is a chance that your application will be processed in Germany. Concerning the Dublin issue: technically Spain is competent for your asylum request since it's the first European country that you entered. The German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) will check if there are formal reasons to deny you an asylum procedure in Germany (such as having applied for asylum in another EU state or having arrived there before coming to Germany). They can come to the conclusion that Spain is competent and ask Spanish authorities to take you back. You can appeal against that. If you are not send back within six months then Germany has to process your application. That's the theoretical side of the story. In reality it's nearly impossible for refugees to come to Germany without setting foot on European ground before. Yet still BAMF processes thousands of cases every year. To sum it up: It’s a complicated matter. If you got the possibility it’s definitely a good idea to consult a lawyer first, to check what your chances are and how to proceed. I will link two lawyers that share their expertise here on the platform - maybe they have an idea how to handle your situation best. @Marcel @Steven PS: It’s better to post queries as a comment under the answer that they are referring to. That way we keep the structure of each thread clear ;)
Thor (Wefugees)
Thanks Thorgen I shall wait for Marcel & Steven input before I proceed with registration process.
Mhd lankan