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Are you seeking a coffee training opportunity? submitted by Nicole in Information & Offers


Are you interested in learning about specialty coffee?
Have you previously worked in a cafe/ restaurant?
Or do you want to learn a new skill?

We present the opportunity to learn how to make specialty coffee...
We are starting a NFP to integrate local and 'new berliner' and to meet the needs of people with refugee status. 'Community Coffee Haus' believe in providing people with the tools to rebuild their career after finding refuge. We are in the midst of creating a center where you have access to coffee training, language classes, career services. Most importantly, the cafe will offer employment.

Our first step to making this a reality is the training program... The program will be held in Berlin over two weeks: one week day night (2 hours), one weekend day (4 hours) each week. Over these days, you will focus on how to make the perfect espresso, how to froth milk, pour a latte with a design, and how to taste a balanced espresso.

We are seeking people who are open to learning and would like to develop their coffee knowledge or gain a new skill. We are looking for people who are committed to a long term working arrangement with a cafe opening at the end of December. There will be employment opportunities for the right candidates. We would like to meet and answer any questions you may have and help with the application process. A meeting will be arranged at a time and place that is suitable for most. I am happy to arrange a time with individuals if you desire.

If this sounds like your cup of coffee, we encourage you to apply!

TO APPLY the following must be emailed to
- Resume
- Tell us in a short paragraph why you would like to join!
- Proof of working visa or you're in the process of getting one
- English speaking preferred but not mandatory

(Follow link for EU standard of resume:

Community Coffee Haus is an equal opportunity organization. We are committed to diversity in gender, nationality, and culture and encourage all to apply!

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by Thor (Wefugees)

Hello @Nicole

Welcome to our community and thanks for sharing this offer!

I hope you find some applicants here on the platform.

Best regards,