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Creative Opportunities submitted by Ric in Work

Hi everyone!

I am Ric, an asylum seeker from the Philippines. I am currently residing in Osnabrück, Niedersachsen with my wife. We left the Philippines because of its harsh and worsening sociopolitical climate.

I am an IT professional back home but I always had this artistic side that I dreamed of pursuing. I was not able to pursue it because it was very economically impractical in a developing country. When we decided to come here, I also decided to try and pursue my artistic passion.

My question: Is there someone in the community who has contacts in the German art and/or photography world who can help me promote and/or develop my work?

I have always felt that my work has an intrinsic message that the world needs to see and hear. I would be eternally grateful if someone can me help deliver these message. „Manila Bay“ ( and „Lull“ ( are the two photo series that I would like to share. Attached are my artist statements.

Thank you in advance!

Wow, amazing work. I hope someone here can guide you in the right direction.
You compliment is greatly appreciated. Danke! :-)
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