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I got admission as PhD student submitted by lost soul in Asylum proceedings

Hi, I am from Pakistan. I left pakistan for UK in 2013 with a student visa. The purpose was more and less to flee then to study so I wrote a letter to The Queen which was then forwarded to the foreign ministry of UK but then with a suggestion of some friends i went to Dublin (Ireland). After staying there for 20 days the reason because of which I left my country seemed to be resolved and i booked a ticket and went back. In Ireland i was in contact with UNHCR and Immigration office but I didn't claimed officially asylum. After sometime my situation got worst and i had to left my country again in 2015. I reached Germany by the end of 2015. And had my final interview in April 2016. After waiting for more then an year yesterday I got my refusal with a ground that this is my second asylum. Though they have added a reply from Ireland to the file which states That I left Ireland voluntarily and was not deported and also by legal mean. They say as I was in proper touch with the British Home office so it's my second asylum here in Germany. Further more i am trying to ger married since one year but the Standesamt is asking for pass. Which is like to invite them to deport me. I got my admission in PhD and now studying here. I have learned good German. And having a minijob as a translator since 4 months. I need advice. What should I do? Should I wait and can left for another EU country or may be they would say that it's my 3rd asylum then. Or can I get married without passport? I have translated my all other documents as birth certificate and family tree certificate. I have lost my interest in my studies and can't concentrate on my research. Please help me out with some advice. Any advice would be highly appreciated.

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by Thor (Wefugees)

Hello lost soul and welcome to our community!

I wouldn't recommend to go to another EU country because (as you said) they will most likely say that it is a 2nd or 3rd application. Instead you should try to get legal support since your application in Germany was in fact the first one and therefore entitles you to have a proper asylum process. May I ask where you live so that we can do some research about organisations etc. that might help you?

Concerning your plans for marriage: As far as I can see having a valid pass is essential in order to marry. But as you already pointed out: It's risky to hand it in since your deportation could happen anytime. I will link another question that circles around a similar topic. The information provided there might be of interest for you too:

If you have further questions feel free to ask the community!

Best regards,

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Great answer @Thor