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im a minor im an atheist born and lived in saudi arabia all my life long now im in jordan and need to head to germany but im minor im not 18 yet and im not able to stay 1 more here by any chance i faced alot of horrible things but i dont wanna mention everything only if its needed because i want this message to be short.
im only 17. holding jordanian passport.
i only have 1 chance to head to turkey but turkey is islamic country i dont think they would accept me. just like syrains or so.
Please any help!

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by Thor (Wefugees)

Hello @-

I'm sorry to hear about the horrible situation you are in. Since your case exceeds our capabilities we have to rely on the hands of experts.

We can connect you with two social workers in Jordan through our network. I will send you a separate mail right now to discuss the further proceedings.

I wish you all the best.

Best regards,

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Im Feared to go out to any office or so, im not gonna give any contact information due to my fears if u can get them here in this safe site it would be okay. when i tried to flee to turkey this what had happened. on the date of 8.17.2017 - 6am, was my flight from jordan to turkey. i went to the airport and passed every checkpoint and sent my bag to the airlines the last check point was left to take me to the flight. i was taken to the intelligence i wasked why im going there and so on. they were viewing my phone and my mails and they find everything about my flight and so on. they kept my passport and my phone and gave me paper i have to go to the intelligence on monday 21.8. my flight was canceled and my bag went to istanbull. and there is no news about my bag till now. they just wanted to check i dont have anything illegal and im not going there to harm or join terrorists groups. first interview i was given back my passport and the next monday i had another meeting and i was given my phone. all my money and my clothes are gone now.. So i cant go anywhere im really feared...