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Seeking interview participation and support to help with research submitted by Eme in Information & Offers

Hello! I am a PhD student of Anthropology at the University of Bonn. I am interested to meet people who have an interest in helping me with my research about the daily lives of refugees in Cologne.

I am interested to meet:
1) Refugees who live in Cologne (best if District 2/Rodenkirchen), who might like to do an interview with me at a time/place/language of their choice
2) People who speak English (my native language) or German and would be willing to offer help translating in any of the following languages (or even others too): Albanian, Serbian, Arabic, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Dari/Farsi, French.

If you have an interest, please get in touch ( You can look also at the attached file about my project, written in various languages. Thank you!

Hey Eme , I am living in Rheinfelden Germany near the Switzerland if you would like to have an interview by phone I am willing to participate for your research purposes Best regards
Hi @Khan, thank you kindly for the reply! Are you able to write by email? If yes, send me an email at and we can share details.
Hey Eme Sorry for late reply you can reach to me by my email address
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by Thor (Wefugees)

Hello @Eme - welcome to our community!

That sounds like an interesting research project. I hope you find interview partners soon.

Best regards,

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Hi @Thor, thank you for the welcome. I am enjoying the resources you have on the site here and find reading about all the experiences and offers very useful. Thanks for all you do.