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Seeking asylum in the transit area Frankfurt Maine submitted by KS in Asylum proceedings

I have a visitor visa to a third country but transiting through Frankfurt. Could my asylum be rejected because I have an entry visa to a third country? Although the visa is only a visitor visa valid for 3 months.


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by Thor (Wefugees)

Hello @KS

First of all, welcome to our community!

Asylum proceedings in the EU are regulated by the so called Dublin III convention. If you apply for asylum in Germany they will check if they are responsible in accordance with Dublin III first. If, for example, another EU-member state granted you a visa (or a residency permit) than German authorities can use this as a reason to decline your application. But I am not sure in how far this is applicable if the visa is granted by a non-EU state (and if it is just a visitor visa) to be honest.

So can you tell us which third country granted you a visa, please? If it's not a EU-member state, other regulations might apply.

In addition to my answer I will link @Marcel and @Steven

Best regards,

Thank you, Thor. I have a visitor visa to Tunis.
Thank you for the additional information. In this case the regulations stated above do not apply since Tunisia is not part of the EU. Unfortunately I'm not sure in how far the granted visitor visa of a third state affects the outcome of an asylum application in Germany. Let's see what the community can contribute to this topic.
Thor (Wefugees)