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Asylverfahren submitted by changazi in Legal advice

Dear Admin!
I am an Asylum Seeker and living in berlin since last 4 years. Recently i am working in a company with one year contract. I have already for three months Weiterbildung as (Sicherheitskraft 34a) completed and next month i have exam.

But since twice rejection of my asylum application that is from BAMF and Verwaltungsgericht respectively, now i am getting very tough situation as well as tense.

My lawyer says that i should search an Ausbildungplatz so that to get residence permit but she already knows that i have one year work contract and weiterbildung completed. But besides that she emphasize me to get an Ausbildungplatz.

Would you please suggest a good lawyer to help me to get rid of this situation??

Yours faithful

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by Tarek_j

Hi @changazi & thanks for joining our Community,

from a personell experience,to do an Ausbildung & having a Residency permit for at least a year,will boast your chance of being your Asylum application Accepted.
but here are a couple of lawyers Numbers & Contact information.
feel free to pesonally contact them, but please keep in mind,that they are not related to our Organisation.

Best Regards

RA Regina Götz
Urbanstraße 94
10976 berlin-Kreuzberg
tel: 61657570

RA Stefan Gräbner
Kantstr. 154a
10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg
Tel: 31590770

RAin Edith Kiefer
Mehringdamm 48
10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Tel: 78897338

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Thanks for your reply. But i would like just to know that is doing Ausbildung the forceful obligation and last solution to get asylum be accepted or is it a kind of government's diplomacy. As far as i know many rejected asylum seekers even have completed their ausbildung, have not got acceptance.