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Is it possible to transfer money to Syria (bank account to bank account)? submitted by Sula in Money

Hello everyone,

Since WesternUnion is expensive, I have been searching for alternative ways to transfer money to Syria.
Does anybody know which banks here in Germany allow that? I have a Sparkasse account and an ING-Diba account but I could not find this information online

Thanks in advance

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by Thor (Wefugees)

Hello @Sula

welcome to our community.

As far as I can see it can be quite hard to transfer money from Germany to Syria from one bank account to another.

A German bank that transfers money to Syria has to check if the recipient is a private person that is not imposed by sanctions. Furthermore you have to reveal where the money you want to send is from.

This process takes time and costs money, which is why many banks stopped offering money transfer from Germany to Syria.

Source (German language):

I found this page that gives an overview of possible ways to send money:

This website seems to be up-to-date. Yet still you can always ask your bank directly if it's possible to send money and how much it will cost.

Keep in mind that banks will charge fees for money transfer in non-EU countries. Especially if it entails a cost-intensive check as stated above.

I hope this answer was helpful to you.

Best regards,

That was really thorough and helpful .. cheers :)
I'm always happy to hear such positive feedback :)
Thor (Wefugees)