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In which cities of Germany and france a rejected asylum seeker don't deport? submitted by Zahid in Asylum proceedings

An rejected asylum seeker in one of European countrie e.g Bulgaria in which city of germany or france cannot be deported him back to bulgaria .i mean that which cities is best in germany and france from where a rejected asylum seeker dont deport back to Bulgaria. ....please i need the best answer "

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What do you mean by "I need the best answer" ? We are all doing our best to help. I won't lift a finger for people who don't trust my efforts. What about you? Do you follow the rules here? This is no question for 'Work', you asked the question twice, there is no need to do so, every question is important. I am really angry about demanding people! Your question is a tricky one, I don't think anybody can give guarantees. If Wefugees becomes a non-profit smuggling-organization it will be the end of this project. At least many people will stop their support. I surely will!
This question is a duplicate. To the original question