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Asylum request submitted by Roya in Asylum proceedings

Good day Sir/Madam
I have finger print in Hungary as a Student and I want to ask Asylum in Sweden.Would like to have a legal advice and to know if its possible to do so.Because I once made inquiries at the Hungarian immigration and they told me Hungary doesn't accept any refugee applicant.Please kindly throw more light on this and tell me the procedure to follow...
warm regards

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by Jan

Hello @Roya,

welcome to Wefugees community!

You can find official informations how to apply for asylum in Sweden provided by the Swedish Migration Agency: (English language).

Best regards

Thanks for the reply. Wouod like to know if its possible to go in for asylum in Sweden because i already have my fingerprint in Hungary... Warm regards
According to the Dublin Regulation, a person who flees to Europe must seek protection in the first safe country that he or she comes to. (Source: - English language). Sweden is going to aggravate it's asylum law, that's what German media (e.g. 'Tagesschau') reported in April 2017. Swedish authorities deported 24.000 people in 2016 (Source: - German language). I agree with Thor's assessment, it's very likely you will be sent back to Hungary.
Yeah i understand very well. My point is this... I made inquiries from Hungarian immigration and they said Hungary does not accept Asylum applicants. So what is the best advice for me?
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by Thor (Wefugees)

Hello @Roya

welcome to the Wefugees community!

Here is a quote from the website of Swedish Migration Agency:

"The fingerprints are used to check whether you have applied for asylum in any other Schengen country and if you have a residence permit or prohibition in any Schengen country. If the fingerprint check shows that you have been registered in another country on your way to Sweden, or that you have already applied for asylum in another country, the Migration Agency will determine which country should examine your application for asylum."


You can find further information following this link:

So if you apply for asylum in Sweden it might happen that they will refer you back to Hungary even though you did not apply for asylum there.

Let's see if @Marcel and @Steven can add something.

I hope this answer was helpful to you. Feel free to ask further questions if anything remained unclear.

Best regards,

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I am upset: Why do you repeat the link of the first posting in a second posting only added by some copy&paste? The questioner himself considers it as useful and he seemed to understand the site's information, this shows his reply. I think redundancy is useless and puzzling because you search in vain for new informations. To finish positivly: The further information adds a new aspect.