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Refugee divorce submitted by Zichako in Legal advice

I am refugee in Germany
I was married with one European girl but not in Germany.
She is not with me from 3 years . From 3 years i am a refugee in Germany .
Now I want to get marriage but I want to take divorce and is it affect on my refugee status if I take divorce or annulment in Germany ?
Secondly I told before in my refugee status that I am single because I didn't know about this . I thought that they want to know my status from my country but I said I am single .does it affect when I get after divorce second time marriage in Germany?
Please tell me this two questions answer

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by Jan

Hello @Zichako,

a planned divorce won't affect your refugee status (Source: German language).

I hope I did understand your second question correctly. If you want to marry a second time in Germany you must definitely give the correct informations. Otherwise the marriage won't be valid.

Best regards

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I mean to say that when I was in Germany and I register the refugee and they asked about me that are you single ? I told that I am single . But other all information about my name date of birth and where I m from are all correct . I am talking about only that I told that I m single . Only on this I m stress that I was before married and now divorce in Germany but only on Ausweis is single written
My answers are still the same, I think I understood what you wanted to tell. You surely will be asked why you gave a wrong family status. A credible answer answer will be necessary.
If I get divorce in Germany after divorce .is it possible for me to get marriage? Because I m confused .what should I do about this that in my Ausweis written single
Yes. You can be married if you are free to be married. A former marriage must be documented not to be valid any more, means you have verifiably being divorced at the time, you want to marry again. If you consider this I don't see any limitations.
But in my Aufenthaltgestattung Ausweis written that I m single but from my country I didn't register my marriage and I was married in another country of Europe and now in Germany I want to get divorce and again marriage but when I registered my refugee in Germany that time I told that I m single . If I get divorce and I take from my embassy my passport and in Germany this Ausweis (refugee Ausweis) written single . Do they stop me to get marriage
Because only here I told before that I m single
Hello @Zichako - maybe @Marcel or @Steven have an idea how to handle the situation. Best, Thorgen
Thor (Wefugees)
Hello i am still waiting for the answer
It's of course a problem to give incorrect personal data. In my postings concerning this issue I tried to make clear that you have to correct this if you want to get married. In my humble opinion you have to think about how you can give a plausible and acceptable explanation to the German authorities, especially to the staff of the register office, why it came to the incorrect declaration of your personal status. I think this has to be the first step to a solution of this problem. The second step could be to reflect about a lawful approach. I am optimistic that there is a way to get the problem handled if any other personal data is correct. I suppose they will be checked again for there has been a case of heavy misuse of personal data recently in conjunction with refugee issues.
But my country passport did not write about status . Only I m thinking that I get the divorce and after divorce with my country passport and German divorce paper .csn I apply for marriage? German refugee Ausweis (my refugee is not accepted yet ) only about my single status shows but when I came to Germany.they asked me that are you married from my home country then I said no .i m not married from my home country. I thought only about my home country they are asking
Your actual marriage is valid in your home country, even if you married in another country. But if there should have been misunderstanding during the registration procedure i am confident that you can adjust this.
Dear @Zichako/Kikia: in addition to the comments of Jan you should also check whether you can really get divorced in Germany. In which EU Country were you married? Has your wife started any divorce proceedings there yet? For most European countries there exists a special regulation defining where you can apply for divorce in such cases where one part lives in one Country and the other part inanother Country. So it may be that you will be divorced in the other European country? I think, you should concentrate on the divorce proceedings. The fact that your Ausweis is wrong is no absoulute obstacle to divorce (even if you apply for divorce in Germany). The Ausweis will ned to be corrected, thats all.
Marcel (Lawyer/Rechtsanwalt)
First of all I do not know where is my wife . And she is from Romania . So I can not take divorce in Germany?
In Germany you can be usually divorced without your wife's cooperation 3 years after your petition for divorce. After one year you can be divorced if you convince the family court judge that your marriage won't revive at all(Source: - German language). I think it's a good idea to reflect on Marcel's advice to concentrate on the divorce proceedings. A lawyer who is specialized on family law can help you with this.
I m not living with my wife from 2013 and I m refugee in Germany from 2014 .so I am taking divorce now in 2017
And if they want to know about my status so it is clear that I m a refugee in German from 3 years