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How can I get a divorce if I'm not in the country that contracted the marriage? submitted by Zichako in Legal advice

Hello i have a question
I got marriage in Cyprus but I want to take divorce .
I can not go to Cyprus
How I can get the divorce?

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Hello @Zichako - nice to hear from you again! I will link our competent lawyers @Marcel and @Steven so that they can share their expertise with you. Best regards, Thorgen
Thor (Wefugees)
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by Jan

Hello @Zichako,

a very complex question as far as I can see, I did some inqueries, e.g. and (both sources in German language).
Ask a special lawyer for marriage law for advice.

The European Judicial Network: states the following:

"Where should I lodge my application (petition) for divorce/legal separation/marriage annulment? Which formalities must be respected and which documents should I attach to my application?

The application for the dissolution/annulment of marriage should be made at the family court of the district in which both or one of the parties reside. The application must comply with Model 1 of Procedural Regulations of the Supreme Court of 1990. Proof of postage of the notification sent to the competent bishop or proof of receipt of a registered letter relating to the notification by the competent bishop, as well as the parties' marriage certificate should be submitted along with the application as evidence."

Information source:

Maybe the consular department of the cyrpus embassy in Germany can help you:

Best regards

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