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Am I allowed to travel Europe as a refugee? submitted by Kikia in Legal advice

I m refugee in Munich and i want to know that can I travel in Europe on my refugee status (my refugee status still in process) or is there any limit on refugee status after few years on refugee status or Duldung can I travel?
Is there any rule for refugee who can travel in Europe?

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by Jan

Hello @Kikia,

as far as I can see your current resident status (temporary resident permit) only allows travelling within Germany ( - Text is in German, but it's a very short and clear information).
If your asylum is granted you can travel in Europe (

Best regards

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by Thor (Wefugees)

Hello @Kikia

nice to hear from you again.

We discussed similar questions here in the community in the past. Please take a look at the following links to get an overview of the topic:

To sum up the information given through the links above:

As soon as you get a positive result for your asylum process you should get a residence title and a passport. You can use said passport to travel more than 100 countries worldwide including most of the EU (the so called Schengen Space). You can stay there for 3 months at most - for longer stays you need a visa.

Concerning your specific situation:

It's a little bit more complicated since you are still in the asylum process. Therefore you haven't received a passport yet and you are not allowed to leave Germany. Within the first 3 months you are maybe even obliged to stay within a certain area of Germany ("Residenzpflicht").

As far as I can see you have to wait for the result of your asylum process. If you get a residence permit for 3 years then the rules that I summarized above apply.

With a Duldung you won't be allowed to leave Germany.

If you get subsidiary protection then you won't get a passport as well, but you can use your residence title in combination with a) the passport of your home country, or b) with a so called "Reiseausweis für Ausländer" to travel to other countries. Keep in mind that you might have to get a visa first.

I hope this answer was helpful for you. In case I missed some information I will link @Marcel and @Steven our great lawyers here on the platform so that they can add information if necessary.

Best regards,

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In case of getting negative. Can i go to another country and ask for asylum there?
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by Zak

I am refugee in italy I have subsidiary protection and I want to know that if I move in nord europe just like finland norway Netherland Germany etc
So it's possible ?

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Hello @Zak - welcome to our community! I would suggest that you ask your question in a new thread. This one is about traveling, but you are asking about options to move. That is a slightly different topic. I think if you open a new thread it will make it easier to seperate these to topics and keep the structure of the Wefugees forum clear. Thank you and best regards, Thorgen
Thor (Wefugees)