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Deutsche Frauen ansprechen? submitted by Saaad in Other Questions


Ich heiße Saad. Ich komme aus Syrien.

Ich habe eine Frage. Ich bin single und ich möchte eine Deutsche Freundin. Aber ich weiß nicht wie das geht. Was muss ich tun?

Bitte, wenn ihr mir helft, das ist super.


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by Paolo (Wefugees)

Hey Saaad,

I hope you also speak a bit of English, if not: perhaps @thor can you help me with the translation?

Here you can find a nice link to question you might try to ask to get to know people
It´s very important that everybody perceives a comfortable and welcoming environment. Not putting other people in situations that might be stressful for them is a general rule.

Another idea might also be joining some dating apps like Tinder. Many young (and less young people) find it useful nowadays. But it also needs to be used carefully. It worked for a lot of friends, but many people are feeling very distressed and disappointed in using these apps for mobile.

This are a couple of ideas I have. I am attaching also a very nice document produced by some german activists that focuses on the idea of consent. It puts together a lot of good rules and points to follow when it comes to sexual and romantic relationships.

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Hey Paolo, yes i speak english. Thank you for the answer. I will read through your links. Thank you.