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YOU ARE THE ARTIST : Make your voice heard! submitted by AnkeWetzel in Information & Offers

Project Frau Co-Create: A Educational Art and Design Program for Refugee Woman

Frauen ID (a Berlin-based funding association) approached (a NGO that Britta belongs to) and offered a funding program application for an educational art project targeted at refugee women between 18-26 years old.
Within the artistic fields such as: new media, communication designs, film-making, performance arts, fashion, etc., the goal is to introduce a workshop model to co-create cultural art projects with refugee women. Through education and mentoring from industry experts, the result would be a public presentation to share the collaborative work.
The next task is to find participants, volunteers & mentoring candidates as well as sponsors and partners.

If you are interested, join our first introductory event at The Kollectiv Lab on March 27th:

Event information:

YOU ARE THE ARTIST : Make your voice heard!

Make Art -
Calling for all refugee woman between age 18-26 with intrest in art & design

Make a Difference -
Shoutout for a cross-media project with public presentation as the end result

Make a Cultural Exchange -
We co-create your idea with mentorship in workshop style

Make a Start -
First introductory event at The Kollectiv Lab on March 27th at OMA’s Tauschoase aka. Flüchtlingscafe at Holzmarkt Berlin.
Project will be launched in May 2017 (with a duration of 2 Months)

Come by & learn more about the details!!


Project Details:

Project Frau Co-Create -
An Educational Art & Design Program for Refugee Women. A funded project from FrauenID - initiated by GlobalEyes (NGO) & led by The Kollectiv.

The Kollectiv -
A productive community for all creative types. A platform for collaborative actions, a network and a support system.

The Kollectiv Lab -
A new event series for projects that’s driven by The Kollectiv: a productive laboratory for new ideas and collaboration.

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Looks very interesting but why only for women and until 26?
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by Paolo (Wefugees)

Thank you @ankewenzel for the tip! I'll try to share it as well with my network of contacts
Have a good day and welcome in the Wefugees Community!