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Is it possibly that a German person invite Syrian person to visit him in Germany? submitted by Moustafa in Legal advice

German person wants to invite the mother and the father of young Syrian refugee to visit him here in Germany.
This German person wants to ask for a visiting Visa for them and wants to do it on his responsibility.
Is that possible ?
And if yes, what should he do for that and haw it is working?

Hi @Moustafa ! =) Good questions. As discussed I´ll try to ask Marcel and Steven . I´m going to try to rephrase and ask if what I understand is correct. Do you mean to ask whether it would be easier to have somebody´s parents visiting Germany if they applied for a Visa to visit somebody that is actually German instead that apply to visit their own son? And you would like to know about the steps to file this request right? Like -find kind of lawyer/assistant -prepare this kind of documents -and so on. Did I understand correctly?
Paolo (Wefugees)
Yes that what mean. Thanks for your interest
My pleasure =)
Paolo (Wefugees)
Hello Moustafa, we know that you have a young syrian in mind, but it's surely good to know the son's age exactly, because the so called 'child's best interests' (German: Kindeswohl) could be important for finding an answer.
He is 22 years old , but his name on the visa will not be showed, what will showed that they are coming to visit this German person
and you mean just for a visit (how long
Paolo (Wefugees)
Paolo (Wefugees)
As long as it is possible ,because I don't know how long the visiting visa allowed them to stay
I see. Good =) Let´s see if someone has an answer. Might take a couple of days or three. But we´ll try to get some more information about it
Paolo (Wefugees)
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by Steven

It is possible for a German person to invite the mother and father of a Syrian refugee. But this German person cannot apply for the visa. Applicant for the visa is always the person who wants to travel. If an applicant for a tourist visa can show he has been invited by a (German) person who is willing to be a guarantor, then he stands better chances to actually get this visa. Being a guarantor means that you are willing to pay for the costs that might arise from this visit to Germany. This declaration that you are willing to pay for the costs that might arise from this visit to Germany is called "Verpflichtungserklärung". But these days as a Syrian it is very difficult, if not impossible, to get a tourist visa, even with a "Verpflichtungserklärung". The embassies will most likely assume that the applicant does not intend to leave Germany when the visa runs out. They will assume that the applicant wants to stay in Germany and apply for asylum.

I understand , but is there any options that the German person showed that they will leave before the visa run out , and they will stay he has to care about them and they are not allowed to apply for asylum ? I mean is there anyway can we try with it ?
It is NOT the inviting person, it is the visa applicant, who needs to convince the embassy that he will return within the period of validity of his visa.
Thank you very much Steven. @Moustafa, is everything a bit clearer now? If you still have doubts please share them with us so that we can better understand the problem.
Paolo (Wefugees)
Everything is clear now. Thank you all :)