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Moving to another City submitted by Rula j in Asylum proceedings

Hello, i need help, i have this special case and i was not able to find answers, i came to germany in march with a student Visa and it is valid until may, i was accepted in university in Heidelberg to start in april and my Aufentahltstitel orginally is in kassel (Hessen), the thing is i sent a letter to the bundesamt in giessen in october to apply for the state of a refugee but i just got an answer (in January) it stated that i should sign some papers and resend them so until now the process did not officially start, i went the Auslanderbehorde to check if i can still move since my Id is still valid and they said that legally i am allowed to move, but what would happen to my documents then??
would they be transferred ?? or should i apply again??
knowing that i haven't resent the papers yet and i am still not allowed to have my aufenthaltsgestaltung since i have a valid ID

hallo @Rula and Welcome in the wefugees' community. We're working on your question =) in the meanwhile have a good weekend !
Paolo (Wefugees)
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by Steven

Hello Rula,
before applying for asylum or for the refugee status, you should consider that such an application might make your Aufenthaltstitel extinct. It depends on what kind of Aufenthaltstitel you hold.
You want to know, if you are allowed to move to another town or not. The Aufenthaltstitel you currently hold should tell you this. If you are restricted to take residence in a certain town, then this will be noted on your Aufenthaltstitel.
If you have follow-up questions, feel free to ask again.
Regards, Steven