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IT classes in english to have more job opportunities. submitted by Mariana G. in Activities

Hello People! I’ve always been interested in having more IT skills. Nowadays every job asks for at least basic knowledge of computers but I’d like to do more that just Word and Excel… I am really interested in Webdesign, Blogs, or even improve my Microsoft Office knowledge. If anyone happens to know workshops, courses or anything that are in english please write an answer below!

Thank you in advance :)
Ps. I live in Berlin.

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Devugees do a Web developer training course that lasts one year.Devugees is in Berlin.
Gordon Link to Davugees projects =)
Paolo (Wefugees)
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by Paolo (Wefugees)

Hi @Mariana =)

What kind of skills exactly would you like to learn?

I'll give you a couple of general links while I wait for more information. =)
This is a good website to learn coding for web programming. I used it during my studies and they produce really good quality material

Here's a nice link with really good tips when start to take into account when starting blogging . To blog you will also need to learn the basis of a blogging platform, for example which is widely spread and used.

For what concerns Office skills, check out this link where you can choose about which programm you would like to learn more and get tons of gooooood quality video tutorial with also written explanation.

Are you trying to do it in your Free time or as a primary occupation? Tell me more about your goals and I'll try to find something that actually suits your needs =)

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Hey Paolo, thank you so much for the interest, so yeah I would like to do it as a hobby and just basic stuff but with meaning, like advanced Microsoft Office skills or how to run a blog, I'll check out the link you sent. Thanks you again :)
Mariana G.
I updated the answer =) Just let me know more about what exactly you would like to practice (if you get new ideas) and I'll try to find more useful material. Ich freue mich darauf, dir zu helfen!
Paolo (Wefugees)
Thanks Paolo! Sehr nett von dir :D
Mariana G.
Gern geschehen =)#
Paolo (Wefugees)