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What do I need to consider during an apartment viewing? submitted by WefugeesEvent (Wefugees) in Home & Living

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by michaas1979 (Bündniss Neukölln AG Wohnungssuche)

If you then get an invitation to view an apartment, it makes sense to not go there alone.
It is also always good to look at the condition of the apartment during a visit. Is there still much to do? Is anything broken? When you are two, you can check at how the apartment looks like better.
It is also good to have someone with you who speaks german. Because while visiting the apartment someone should be able to talk with the owner.
In case you have not already sent them by email, bring all of your documents with you and hand them over to the landlord no later than by the visit to the apartment.

The Amt only pays for the deposits. It is important to know if the apartment is not looking good, like if things are broken, or somewhere, somehow there is mould, if things are missing or there is no kitchen, no toilet, then you have to write it down!
These things are important things to be discussed when you are about to move it. In most cases, you will also get a housing offer to present to JobCenter or LAF when you visit the apartment, either there or it will get sent afterwards.

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super! now I know :)