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What documents do I need so that my rent will be covered? submitted by WefugeesEvent (Wefugees) in Home & Living

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by J. (EJF -Wohnungen für Flüchtlinge)

If you are still at LAF, you need to apply for your rent to be covered at the “EJF” in the Turmstrasse Haus M. For that you need:
• The lease offer (the official form from the landlord)
• Your ID/resident permit
• And the permission to look for an apartment.

At jobcenter, you can easily come by with your ID and your lease offer and then directly apply for your rent to be covered. Normally you will get it at the same day

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When you get the document saying that the costs will be covered (Kostenübernahme) from LAF or the Jobcenter, you should go to the landlord with that so that the lease contract can be made. The landlord will only sign the lease contract when that document is there and submitted.
michaas1979 (Bündniss Neukölln AG Wohnungssuche)