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Where Can I learn German submitted by Dona in Education

Hello dear Wefugee Team and a Happy New Year to everyone!
I am writing to ask for information about German courses in Wesel.I go to VHS and had my exam of German A1(1,2) and this month will start my A2 course.Unfortunately A2 course is twice a week and I think it is not enough for me I need daily german classes .Where can I find courses ?Does anyone know where I can apply?

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by Danny

Hello Dona and a happy new year likewise,

German courses in Wesel have been covered under this topic.
I hope there is something for you:

Additional to the VHS
the Katholisches Bildungsforum Wesel and the Flüchtlingshilfe Wesel are mentioned.


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Hi Dona,

I am answering you to your comment below in this paragraph, because I have problems, formatting my text in the comments section.
Thank you for explaining, that you posted the original question I found from another profile.

Unfortunately I did not find more than a list of organisations which offer integration courses in Wesel:

Online courses can increase your learning speed.
If they should be an option for you, please check the following sites.

Schubert Verlag (lots of pdf Documents for learning):

free German courses:

Many resources for learning German:

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Thank you Danny the link you sent was my question long ago with old account the password of which I have forgotten so I made a new account.I hoped I could get fresh info about courses,thanks a lot for the reply .
Hi @dona =) , What kind of information, different from that post, would you need? There are some informations about crash courses there, could you let us know more about what's your feedback about those so that we can direct our research better? =)
Paolo (Wefugees)