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What kind of education I need to enter the job market? submitted by WefugeesEvent (Wefugees) in Work

I come from Syria and I haven’t finished my studies yet, so I am not qualified enough to work in these qualified jobs and stuff. In which area or which degree should I work on? How can I get these degrees in Germany?

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by turning tables (Turning Tables)

Kompetenztraining. I mean, there is no recommendation I would say, but what you can always do, is what in german you call Kompetenztraining. You can go to your Berater or to social workers and do a training with them. There you can show what are your personal competencies and you can inform yourself in which sectors there are many jobs open. I would suggest f.e. to go to social impact recruiting, so they can match these two things.

I would also add if you started two years of studying and you want to finish studying, there are ways to see what you studied and see how it passes to german universities and continue studying here.
SIR (Social Impact Recruiting)
But what if you don’t have a certificate for those two years?
WefugeesEvent (Wefugees)
For @Kiron you don’t need a certificate. But you can also sometimes take a test. Depending on what field you’re going into and what university, you can take a test to show that you have these competencies and you can start from a certain level.
SIR (Social Impact Recruiting)
I was studying engineering in my home country. I have still 3 years left in my curriculum. When I admit to study here, am I going to start from level 3 or back from level 1 again?
WefugeesEvent (Wefugees)
It depends if you have your qualifications with you and how they compare to german university. So 1) you have to compare what you learned with what is required here to learn. If it compares well and out so much with level 3 you could start from level 3. If it’s at a lower level you would have to start from a lower level. If you don’t have certificates, again you have to see if there is a test to take so that you can show what you have learned.
SIR (Social Impact Recruiting)
And I think you have to learn the German language. You cannot start university without knowing German language. I know that for most universities you need C1. So you must concentrate on German language before and then decide to go to a German university.
Suzan_HvMzM (Hilfe von Mensch zu Mensch)