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how can i leave jordan borders and get to germany :( pls read description submitted by - in Asylum proceedings

hey everyone i hope your having good day, i wanna apply aslyum once i reach germany but how to do the first step and pass jordan borders? the airlines wont ask only for the ticket they ask to show the visa, what do i have to do :'( i dont want this to ruin my plan i dont wanna die here :'(

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by Henny (Admin)

Dear -,

to apply for asylum in a european country you need to be in Europe. So if you want to apply for asylum in Germany you would legally need a visa for germany, in order to be able to take a flight and go there.
To get this visa you need to go to the german embassy in Amman. They will only take care of your visa if you have a jordan citizenship, if you are from syria, from Irak or from Jemen (

Unfortunately, to get a visa for germany you will need to prove that you can pay your insurance and all the costs by yourself. So they want prove about a lot of money (

If you tell me where you are from, I can translate the information of the website to you and tell you which documents you need to apply for visa.
In any case, you will need an appointment at the embassy, which you would need to make through this website:

I hope this answers your question!


Dear Henny, thank u for the comment. well i gathered info about what u wrote me. i didn't mention that im not 18 to enter to the embassy and they also require family permission so i cant assist that either. im thinking to leave for turkey since i hold jordan passport and can travel there without visa but i cant find offices that can help me.
Check out this site for contacts in turkey: The website also exists in Arabic, just go to the home screen and chose your language. You will also find advice on how the system works there and also about what to do as minor. Just research a bit yourself on the page. It provides a lot of information for any kind of circumstances. I wish you all the best!
Henny (Admin)
i saw ur message past 5 days im thankful dear i have read the policies but till now dear henny i couldn't find org :( once i reach airport i dont know what really to do the turkey unhcr is not answering and idk what to do in this point where will i go :/
Dear @-, According to Welcome2Europe, this ( is an Organisation that is free of charge and offers legal counselling and assistance services to asylum seekers of all nationalities. They provide assistance especially to people whose asylum applications are rejected, those who are in detention centers and who are detained at the airports in İstanbul. Opening hours Istanbul-office: all week days 10:00-17:00 ; available during the opening hours by telephone, fax or email in relation to any questions regarding legal rights and obligations for asylum seekers in Turkey. Refik Saydam Cad. Dilber Apt. No:39 4th Floor, Flat Number: 11 Sishane –Beyoglu - ISTANBUL Tel: 0090 212 292 48 30 E-mail: refugeeaid(at) / info(at) and there are also human rights organizations as well as humanitarian organisations that can help you within turkey. Here a list with contacts: 2) Mülteci DER (Izmir) Extensive, free of charge legal counselling and assistance services to asylum seekers of all nationalities. They provide assistance especially to people whose asylum applications are rejected, those who are in detention centers, those who are apprehended in the Aegean region while trying to cross to Greece irregularly and those who are detained at the airport in İzmir. Uğur Mh. 848 Sk No:16 Konak-iZMİR Tel: 0090 232 483 54 21 / 0090 549 483 54 22 Web: Email: bilgi(at) 3) Mazlum-Der human rights organization. They have branches almost in every city in Turkey. 4) İnsan Hakları Derneği (İHD- Human Rights Association) human rights organization. They have branches almost in every city in Turkey. C) Humanitarian Aid: There are many organizations providing humanitarian aid. For humanitarian aid you should apply to organizations in your own city. Please consult to one of these organizations for humanitarian aid in your own city: (UNHCR’s implementing partner) (UNHCR’s implementing partner) (Support to Life (STL) is a humanitarian aid agency founded with the principal objective of working with communities to help them meet their basic needs and rights.) (faith based charity organization) (faith based charity organization)
Hi Dear Henriette Thank u for the reply, Firstly i would like to say i still dont know which city shall i flee to because none of orgs i contacted has replied me told me yes we can help u i contacted from days some from the ones u mention but now ill send to every e-mail u mentioned. i really hope any of them will reply to me so i can know to which city i shall flee to and so on. thank u so much for this info.
Hi again, the 3rd link u provide me i tried emailing every mail there but none work its not valid can u try? ( this site( Is not opening for me. I
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by Paolo (Wefugees)

Hi @- ,

I think this is pretty much outside of my competencies and skills. Perhaps there are associations that might have some clarification on what's the exact situation at the border.

for example:

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Hey brother, what i really meant is i called jordan airlines and they got no clue what asylum is. so i need (visa) to pass the border just to apply for asylum? they dont understand it its not fair.
I think you need to buy a ticket from Lufthansa taking you to any country you won't need a visa, then you transit in Frankfurt and use the transit desk for Asylum
ill contact the airline, i hope its exactly like how u said it im thankful dear.